Escape Cleaning provides the following services:

  • Weekly cleaning  - ongoing contracts

  • Bi-weekly cleaning – ongoing contracts

  • Monthly cleaning – ongoing contracts

  • Market Cleaning – prep for selling homes

  • Move In/out – just moving out and don’t have time, new home needs cleaning prior to moving in

Whether you're looking for weekly, biweekly or monthly service, Escape Cleaning has the package for you.  All you have to do is decide how often you want the service, and whether you want the general cleaning or a custom ordered clean.

Not sure where to start?  The general cleaning is simple.  Just ask for a general cleaning and you can expect to come home to a house that has covered all the basics.  This would include:

  • sanitizing all bathrooms
    • tub
    • toilet
    • sink
    • soap dishes/ornaments
    • mirrors
  • handwash floors/baseboards
  • cleaning the kitchen
    • outside of cupboards
    • countertops
    • stove top
    • inside microwave
    • outside fridge & dishwasher
    • wash any dishes left in sink
  • handwash floors
  • vacuum
    • hardwood
    • linoleum
  • dust
    • window sills
    • ledges
    • baseboards
    • ornaments
  • spot clean walls
  • take out garbage
  • make unmade beds

Since our services are charged by the hour, you may want to choose a # of hours (minimum is 2) and prioritize the areas you want cleaned.
Most of our clients chose a biweekly schedule, which means that you would receive the same maids every 2 weeks on the same day.
If you feel you need a little extra, we also provide the same service on a weekly basis.  We may be able to reduce the time and cost if it is kept up more regularly.
If you decide that you prefer to have a maid on a monthly schedule, they would be there every 4 weeks on the same day, but may require a little extra time to complete the cleaning if it hasn't been kept up in between.